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Die Visitenkarte ist das wichtigste Instrument für Ihren professionellen Auftritt. Unsere Visitenkarten aus Papier sind ganz klassisch in horizontaler Ausrichtung erhältlich, oder Sie präsentieren sich auf ausgefallene Weise und wählen die vertikale Ausrichtung. Zudem stehen Ihnen vier verschiedene Druckformate zur Auswahl: Machen Sie das Format zu Ihrem Alleinstellungsmerkmal.

Appointment cards, print yours now!

Appointment cards are a simple yet essential tool for any business or company that has a packed schedule or businesses that mainly work on an appointment basis and want to give their customers a reminder.

The card is usually pocket-sized, like a business card, with a layout consisting of an empty space where you can fill in the time and date of the appointment to remind the customer, while the company's logo or slogan is usually printed on the back.

How do I create the artwork for my appointment cards?

There are three ways to create the artwork for your appointment cards:

  • You can produce the artwork yourself using a program on your PC or one of the many online editing programs. Then, you can upload the file to our website and print it.
  • Alternatively, one of our experienced graphic designers can help you create the artwork for your appointment cards. They can create a file from scratch or modify a file you have created.
  • Or you can use our Designer tool, which you will find on the product page, to create the artwork for your appointment cards. It is easy to create graphic elements and move them around inside the print area, adding text boxes, images, and shapes.

Remember to download the Instructions file that you can find on the product order page on the Pixartprinting website.

Which card models can I choose?

There are lots of types of cards to choose from: standard business cards, square cards, cards with round corners, or folded business cards.

You can also choose the paper type and size of the card, with optional lamination.

If the business card size is too small, you could even opt for a postcard format, which will give you more space to include extra information.

You have a whole range of possibilities to create your appointment cards. Choose the best one for you and print them in bulk to make sure you don't run out and can schedule all the appointments you need.

What should I include in the artwork for appointment cards?

Whether you choose business cards or postcards, you will have two sides on which to print your appointment cards. Usually, one side only has the company logo and maybe some contact details, like a normal business card, and the other side has a grid with two columns for the date and time of the appointment.

Remember to add several lines so that you can write down multiple appointments if necessary.

Need help creating your appointment cards?

Don't have much experience of printing online and afraid of making a mistake? Don't worry, if you have any questions or problems you can contact our free Customer Support, available seven days a week. How? By calling: 020 3871 8720, emailing or through the convenient chat that you can find in the bottom right. Our operators will be happy to help you and assist as you create and print your appointment cards!